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5 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

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It’s summertime, and the apartment living is easy … unless of course it’s scorching hot and you’re living without AC. Then, it tends to get a bit toasty up in here. Whether you’re on a budget or just trying to reduce your carbon footprint, living without air conditioning is possible, even in a Chicago apartment. Here are 5 tips to help keep you cool all summer long – in Chi-Town or any other city.

Block Out the Sun

The best way to keep cool is to not let the heat into your apartment in the first place. When the temperature goes up, the blinds go down. Blackout curtains and adhesive window film, typically used in winter to keep out the cold, can also block heat and help keep your apartment up to 30% cooler.

Turn Down the Lights

Did you know that incandescent lightbulbs use up to 90% of their energy giving off heat? Consider switching all the bulbs in your apartment to energy-saving LEDs, or, better yet, keep the lights off. That goes for your TV, as well. Plasma screens, in particular, emit a lot of heat and expend more energy.

Up Your Fan Game

For a cooling wind chill effect in the summer, ceiling fans should spin counter-clockwise (forward) on the highest speed to force the air down. If you have a free-standing fan, place a large bowl of ice water in front of it for an easy, do-it-yourself air conditioning hack.

Freeze the Sheets

It might sound crazy, but before you go to bed, try storing your sheets in the freezer for 30 minutes for a crisp cool slumber. Your bedding should also be made of natural fabrics, such as cotton or bamboo, to wick away perspiration and ensure that you stay cool and dry.

Head to the Beach

When all else fails, pack a cooler, grab your sunscreen and head for the Chicago beaches. The Windy City has 26 miles of open shoreline on Lake Michigan with free admission to the beaches. Check out Oak Street Beach, Ohio Street Beach, 12th Street Beach and dozens of others. Montrose Beach even has a dog park.

Make it a Great Summer in Chicago

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